Painting Supports

What is a Support?

The term “support” refers to any material to which you apply paint. Canvas, wood, and paper are common painting supports, but the types of supports used for artwork are very extensive. Wooden panels, linen, and animal skins were among the first supports used for painting.

What support should an artist use for painting?

Most discussions about painting supports focus on canvas, while others on rigid supports, primarily wooden panels. These two categories have been the traditional supports for hundreds of years. A growing trend is modern alternatives, such as composites. Interestingly, nearly all the discussions focus only on these supports’ surface properties rather than the mechanical properties.

What is the best support for oil painting?

The mechanical properties of painting supports are as important, if not more, than their surface qualities. The former properties are rarely considered by artists. This is surprising because for at least 40 years, the greatest causes of paint failures, cracking, and paint loss have been attributed to the stress on paint film resulting from the expansion and contraction of the support due to changes in relative humidity and temperature.

Learn More About Painting Supports

Artist Materials Advisor on Artists' Panels

Painting on Copper

In this episode of the Art Materials Advisor, Artefex co-founders Anton O'Hanlon, George O'Hanlon, and Tatiana Zaytseva will chat about Artefex Copper Artist Panels, the unique and beautiful support for oil painters.

Painting on ACM Panels

In this episode of the Art Materials Advisor, Anton O'Hanlon will join Tatiana Zaytseva and George O'Hanlon to discuss Artefex Artist Panels. Artefex ACM (aluminum composite material) panels are lightweight yet rigid and durable. Made for a wide range of paint, drawing, and mounting applications. Find the perfect panel for your work.

Rublev Colours YouTube Channel

Rublev Colours YouTube channel features several playlists—the most important is the Art Materials Advisor. The semi-month live broadcast features in-depth discussions and demonstrations of artists' materials., and interviews with contemporary artists working in all mediums.

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