Natural Yellow Oxide 50ml

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Rublev Colours Natural Yellow Oxide is an opaque golden yellow with good tinting strength, fine grained and brushes "long" in the direction of the brush stroke. 50 ml (1.69 fl oz) tube
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50 ml (1.69 fl oz) tube

Rublev Colours Natural Yellow Oxide is an opaque golden yellow with good tinting strength, fine grained and brushes "long" in the direction of the brush stroke. Our yellow oxide is a single pigment color made of natural hydrated iron oxide mineral from the last remaining European company operating the ochre deposits in the French quarries of Gargas and Rustrel nestled in a 12 mile long enclave in the heart of the Luberon Massif, the ochre country.

Hydrated iron oxide is the principle coloring agent in yellow oxides. This color is based on the natural mineral goethite associated with varying proportions of others mineral such as clay, chalk and silica. They differ from other ochres in that they contain water. In other words, the iron to which they owe their color is hydrated iron oxide.

Natural yellow oxides are opaque, absolutely permanent and have good covering power. They are typically more opaque than yellow ochres, because they contain a greater amount of iron oxide. Formerly, there was much confusion in the nomenclature of the hydrated iron oxides; the names provided in the Color Names table are those specified in the ASTM Standard.

Rublev Oil Colour: Natural Yellow Oxide
Note: Colors swatches are shown in mass tone, straight from the tube, on the left, and mixed with an equal amount of Titanium white on the right. All pictures of color swatches in this web site are only approximations of the actual color of the oil paint. We taken every care to match the color in these pictures on calibrated color monitors to the actual color. However, because of the wide variance in color monitors the results you get may vary.

Color Names
Common Names: Dutch: geel oxyde
English: yellow oxide
French: oxyde juane
German: Oxid Gelb
Italian: ossido giallo
Portuguese: �xido amarelo
Russian: желтая окись
Spanish: �xido amarillo
Common Names: Mars yellow is the name given to the artificial substitute of natural red iron oxide.

Color Information
Single Pigment: Natural Hydrated Iron Oxide
Binder: Linseed Oil
Pigment Information
Color: Yellow
Colour Index: Pigment Yellow 43
Chemical Name: Natural Hydrated Iron Oxide
Chemical Formula: Fe2O302
ASTM Lightfastness: I
Opacity: Opaque
Tinting Strength: High
Drying rate: Average

Note: Some separation of pigment and oil may occur in Rublev Oil Colours and is a natural process when no wax or stabilizers are added to paint to prevent this from occurring.

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BrandRublev Colours
VendorRublev Colours
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Size50 ml tube

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Natural Yellow Oxide 50ml
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