How to Make Paint

What are the ingredients to make paint?

Paint consists of three basic components: a binder, solvent or vehicle, and colorant. The binder is vegetable oil for oil paint. Acrylic resin for acrylic paint. Gums for watercolors and gouache. Proteins, such as casein, animal collagen, or egg yolk for tempera. The solvent or vehicle is water for waterborne paint or hydrocarbon solvents like turpentine or mineral spirits for oil and alkyd paint. Pigments are the colorants in paint. The relative proportion of each component gives each paint its unique properties.

How do I make my own paint?

Making paint can be simple to very complex. It depends on the paint binder and application. Oil paint is one of the simplest paints to make because it only requires two ingredients—pigment and oil. To make oil paint, you start with a pile of dry pigment, add oil dropwise, and mix with a palette knife until you have a smooth, flowing paste. To develop the color of the paste more, grind the paste with a muller on a flat surface such as stone or glass.

How are colors made for paint?

Pigments give paint its color. Pigments initially come in powdered form. For example, a common white pigment is titanium dioxide, black pigment is carbon black, and oranges and yellows are derived from metallic salts or organic chemicals. Pigments are also available as dispersions, which are ready to use by simply mixing with the binder and vehicle of your paint.

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