Ceracolors Gel Medium 8 fl oz

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A gel medium useful for creating glazes, extending colors, and increasing translucency, but with a heavy body that can inform thick layers.

Add Ceracolors Gel to Ceracolors paint for thick, impasto-like applications of paint.

Pastes differ from gels in that they are opaque and may contain calcite (chalk), bentonite (diatomaceous earth), fibers, clay or other fillers resulting in a white finish with a variety of textures and properties. Pastes can also be used to create textured foundations for painting.

What Ceracolors Gel Can Do

Ceracolors Mediums offer artists unlimited control of Ceracolors water-soluble wax colors. Use mediums to control transparency, viscosity and consistency. Ceracolors Mediums can be thought of as colorless wax paints, as they are composed of the same or similar waxes as are Ceracolors paints. They are the “glue” or binder that dry to form continuous, durable films.

This section lists some typical uses of Fluid Medium, but it is not intended to be exhaustive. New and different ways to successfully use these products are always being discovered.

Extend Paint: Adding Gel Medium to Ceracolors can increase transparency, as well as extend paint. Extending Ceracolors with Gel Medium allows the paint to go further, while maintaining a much higher quality than “student grade” paints. Gel Medium can be added to Ceracolors in any amount desired.

Increase Transparency: Adding Gel Medium to paint can increase the transparency of Ceracolors.

Alter Consistency: Mixing Gel Medium into Ceracolors, will thicken the paint, and provide additional body. All Ceracolors mediums are compatible with the entire family of Ceracolors products.

Glue or Adhere: Gel Medium can be used as an adhesive in collage when using materials that are porous and not water-sensitive. Other materials, such as glass, metals and plastics, should be avoided.

Make Paint: Gel Medium can be used as a binder when creating paints from dry pigments.


Add to Ceracolors Gel Medium directly to paint on the palette or in a container. Gel Medium can be added in any amount desired.

Heath and Safety

There are no acute or known chronic health hazards associated with the anticipated use of this product (most chemicals are not fully tested for chronic toxicity). Always protect yourself against potentially unknown chronic hazards of this and other chemical products by keeping them out of your body. Do this by avoiding ingestion, excessive skin contact, and inhalation of spraying mists, sanding dusts and vapors from heating. Conforms to ASTM D-4236

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Size8 fl oz (236.5 ml)

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Ceracolors Gel Medium 8 fl oz
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