14th Annual Art of the Portrait Conference

We just returned from the 14th Annual Art of the Portrait Conference in Philadelphia last week, excited by the interest of hundreds of artists in Rublev Colours Artists Oils. These artists displayed intense enthusiasm for learning about traditional colors and how they can be used in contemporary portrait painting.

On May 24, fifteen leading artists gathered together to paint from live models in a session called the “Face Off.” The artists completed their portrait paintings in less than three hours, which attendees later voted their favorite. At least three artists—Lea Wight, Robert Liberace, and Ryan Brown—used Rublev Colours artists’ oils and mediums.

Julio Reyes and Candice Bohannon
Julio Reyes and Candice Bohannon at the 2012 Portrait Society of America Awards in Philadelphia


The Portrait Society Awards Gala often called the Academy Awards® of portrait and figurative art, held on Saturday, May 27, was an evening to remember. The evening opened with a cocktail reception and an elegant dinner, showcasing the best work being created today and celebrating The Art of the Portrait. From nearly 2,000 entries, prizes were awarded to the winners of the International Portrait Competition. Among the 20 top finalists of the competition, artists David Gluck and Julio Reyes use Rublev Colours oils and mediums in their work. We were delighted to hear Julio’s painting, Tread Softly, announced as the grand finalist in this year’s competition.

Tread Softly by Julio Reyes
Julio Reyes, Tread Softly, 2012


Not to be outdone by her husband, the painting by Candice Bohannon Grace was awarded a Certificate of Excellence, placing it in the judges’ pick for the top 50 works from the nearly 2000 entries this year.

Candice Bohannon, Grace, 2012


On Sunday, George and Tatiana Zaytseva met with world-renowned artist Nelson Shanks at the Studio Incamminati to discuss lead white oil paint, a hot topic for artists at the conference due to the recent worldwide shortage of this essential color. We toured the studio and met Stephen Early and Lea Wight, among many others.

Here are photos of the Natural Pigments booth at the 14th Annual Art of the Portrait Conference.

>Thomas Hackenburger, master brushmaker for Kolibri Brushes
Thomas Hackenburger, master brushmaker for Kolibri Brushes, was on hand at our exhibit booth to explain brushmaking and the qualities of natural and synthetic hairs used in artists’ brushes.


Tatiana Zaytseva, managing director of Natural Pigments
Tatiana Zaytseva, managing director of Natural Pigments, discusses the unique properties of Rublev Colours Artists Oils with a customer.